About Kelly

Kelly McKinstry is a master manifester who lives to help her clients leap into lasting professional and spiritual transformation.

Kelly’s fierce dedication grows out of her own inner journey from decades as a high-powered corporate manager and thriving small business owner to years as a determined student and teacher of the healing and intuitive arts. Kelly has travelled the world over — across Brazil and Ecuador, through Michigan’s Great Lakes, Mayan Ruins and the Andes mountains — learning a multitude of ways to help others tune into and answer spirit’s call on their lives.

Drawn to Shamanism, she studied with a Shaman from Brazil, where she learned much about her life purpose. She then travelled to the Andes Mountains of Ecuador where she was officially initiated into Shamanism through a Shaman with whom she lived and studied for months. It was in Ecuador that she knew she was meant to teach. Kelly says, “My time in Ecuador transformed me in a profound way and set my life path on yet another new direction, one that expanded my already mindset of service to others to a grander scale via service to humanity through spiritual enlightening and awakening to those who are meant to find and work with me.”

She was one of 25 people, picked from a pool of a half-million, to study with world-renowned transformation coaches Lisa Nichols and Christy Whitman.

“I’ve experienced complete transformation multiple times, reinventing myself and my life through learning and now teaching how to manipulate energy.’’  

Whether serving as a master Reiki healer, practicing sound therapy or providing one-on-one sessions as a certified transformational life coach and guide, Kelly, also an ordained minister, is passionate about equipping her clients with the most powerful and practical tools to begin major life-changing journeys. She is a graduate of Quantum Success Coaching Academy, accredited by the International Federation of Coaching. Through private sessions or customized group encounters, Kelly’s clients dig deep to discover who they are, what gifts and talents are waiting to be unleashed and how best to share such natural resources with the greater world.

“Nothing feels as satisfying to me as helping others stop, listen and learn how to live more alive and more aligned with their purpose,’’ says Kelly. “It’s all about encompassing and sharing yourself as the gift you already are.’’


I’ve now had two sessions with Kelly and I can’t recommend her guidance enough. After my first session with her in February, my whole life turned around because I had such an incredible understanding of how to find my wounds and then how to address them. What I liked most is that rather than getting caught up in the story of my TF journey, she kept it focused on the work I needed to do regardless of if this is a TF path or not.

After my second session, I felt like I could really see how much growth I had experienced since the first. I really needed someone to point me back on the path after some distractions and I came away with such wisdom from her. Less than 12 hours later, I feel so much more grounded and prepared for the road ahead.

Kelly was a really compassionate listener. She has such a wealth of knowledge and she offers it with a genuine desire to help you be the best and most authentic version of yourself.

Kerin Monaco

The best people in your life are those who have your back…. who are not afraid to tell you what you need to hear. You have been my rock, my sounding board on every aspect of life…. whether it is ups or downs….and getting out of ones way. I always look forward to an intense conversation… where more than once I have had that stunned look on my face…. you know the one…… the “well I never thought of that” look. You have a “gift”…. and I am “lucky” to know you personally…… I will happily share you with the world my friend….

Tiki Bicknell

Kelly McKinstry is an incredibly intuitive, compassionate, and empathetic guide. Her passion for helping others to grow and ascend in the ways we are all meant to is unparalleled.

She has helped me to recognize my worth, to trust my intuition, and to feel a sense of faith, peace, and even joy during a time of my life that was dark and challenging. When everything felt murky, she helped me find clarity; when I felt weak, she reminded me just how strong I am.
I continue to be awed by her breadth of knowledge, her nurturing energy, and her wonderful sense of humor. She’s just the person you want beside you as travel the path toward awakening.

Kelly Pettibone

As I sit here with pen in hand , I think of the years I have known Kelly and I get a smile on my face. We have had many laughs and thought provoking conversations over 10+ years . She has always been what I would call a natural healer. I think even before she was totally aware of the path she would ultimately take. She is knowledgeable, compassionate, Loving but tough when called for. Continues to educate herself and passes along her insights to us, helping us on our path. Congrats on your growth and your new business. Love you to pieces. If you’re feeling ‘stuck’ Kelly is the glue remover we all need. 

Carol Jackson

We are so grateful and blessed that Kelly officiated our wedding ceremony and was the emcee for our reception. Kelly was amazing to work with throughout the whole process. She was patient and made the planning fun and stress free. She was instrumental in helping edit our vows and in personalizing our ceremony. Many guests shared that it was the best ceremony they had ever attended. Kelly’s warmth, energy and ideas made the day perfect!

Lori Nutter

Transformational and enlightening spiritual life coach! Kelly and I had several spiritual life coaching sessions together in which she helped me navigate through some of life’s challenges. She is great at approaching situations with knowledge, acceptance and compassion. She provided me with tools and meaningful exercises to facilitate my journey in reaching my goals. Feeling blessed and grateful!

Nancy Kevelin

I am so Blessed and Grateful for the Guidance that Kelly has provided through one of the darkest periods of my personal transformation. More than anything, I was able to uncover hidden beliefs that surfaced during our counselling sessions. I feel this resulted from Kelly’s kind, caring, calm, and authentic manner. I felt very safe, listened to, and loved. I have transformed not just inwardly, but outwardly as well, in a short period of time. Thank you Kelly. 
Love & Blessings always, Jackie

Jackie Hancock RN

Several times, I have visited Kelly at Encompass Yourself for her transformational healing sessions. With each visit, I left with a greater sense of calm, a clearer sense of vision, a stronger sense of purpose, and feeling lighter in spirit, like a weight was lifted. Her space is warm and welcoming, allowing the armor we can carry to fall away, creating the ultimate healing environment. Kelly is a knowledgeable, thorough, and gifted advocate for well-being.~ Emily Waugh

Emily Waugh

Hi Kelly, I just wanted to let you know how valuable you are to me. With your guidance, I have been able to get over some big stumbling blocks on my path, release negative emotions I didn’t even know I had and feel the strongest in myself that I have ever felt. You have that ability to zero in on the issue and ask just the right questions for me to work through the conflict. Your support and encouragement to move forward is just what I needed. I am eternally grateful that you are in my life. Thank you for being a light in the world. Much love

Lydia Lofton