As the energies are changing on a planetary and humanitarian level, it’s creating change which in turn is seemingly creating more disruption in our personal lives….

As this plays out on a personal level, we experience more challenging times. So if you are finding yourself in fear, anxiety, seemingly too much on your plate and/or can’t seem to slow your life down, know that you’re not alone!!! AND you’ve somehow been connected to this writing for a reason! Hopefully I’ll be able to give you some clarity so you can catch your breath and exhale….

Now back to the way of finding peace in the Chaos. It’s embracing and BALANCING all facets of yourself to achieve your “trifecta”…..the body, mind and spirit connection. If any of those are out of alignment you experience “dis-ease” or “unrest”.

If you take care of your physical body by way of exercise and fueling it with good nourishing food, you will have the strength and endurance to tackle most any chaos that is triggered during your “fight or flight” response.

If you take time to stimulate and challenge yourself mentally you will have developed and stored a usable toolset to “think” logically what your best plan of action would be best within your circumstances, again during times of being triggered.

And lastly in this trifecta, and in my option the most important is; partnering with your higher self, your spirit, the one who knows and has no fear, no anxiety and has no need to control or purchase safety or to prove it’s worth.

Connecting to your spiritual self will require you to allow that bigger part of you to be the driver of your vehicle. This means understanding your ego and its real purpose, which is to keep you “safe”. Think of its skillset as basically being that of a five year old or that of a caveman.

To do this connecting and allowing your higher self be the one in control can be uncomfortable at first. This may take some getting used to because we tend to think if we let go and don’t control everything, that things will get it of control or not get done.

This allowing your higher self or spirit to be the one in control; isn’t about “not doing”, this is about learning to get quiet enough to listen and when we do that we begin to get inspired action steps. The bread crumbs will always show up in front of us.

When we are in constant fight or flight mode, live in fear, anger easily, anxiety ridden, it’s because our driving force is our “ego mind”. We are moving through or pushing through life by our triggers and sheer “will”.

We are then a product of our environment. We are processing through our ego mind what is coming at us from our current environment.

Our exterior, what we refer to as “others” and environment are the ones in control. It’s a wheel that as long as we operate this way, we will never get off of, it’s a constant “I feel” and “I react” process.
It’s a conditioned response that we learned at a very young age.

Most people believe these circumstances in their life are the cards they’ve been dealt with and accept the status quo and spend their whole lives “dealing” with the things they’ve been handed, not ever realizing we have a choice and our lives can be different.

Don’t let a major crisis in your life be the catastrophe or catalyst that makes significant change to your life, like an illness or lose of something or someone major in your life be the reason for your wake up call.

Listen now to your slow progressive uncomfortableness that is life squeezing you.

You CAN live with ease, you CAN live in freedom, you CAN have joy and health and you can most certainly have peace within the chaos.

Again, the key is to allow the real you, the bigger you, to be the driving force of your vehicle.

I encourage you to begin a practice of setting undisturbed time aside, even if you only start with a few minutes, to get quiet and find your true essence, the energy, the electricity, the prana, the chi, the life force, that animates your physical body.

Partner with that essence, listen and allow that to steer your ship. That divine spark that resides within you is the bigger one who knows.

When we do this our life transforms in the most profound way, it starts with peace, then the worry and anxiety fall away. You think that this may make us weak and mushy, but it’s the opposite, we begin to stand in our power and have unshakable courage and confidence because we “know” we no longer “think“.

Our essence, our spark, is within our heart center.

Our egoic mind THINKS, our heart KNOWS.

When we start living from this bigger, more powerful part of us, is when we become our real true badass selves.

Things are no longer forced, it flows, it flows out of us by way of compassion, kindness and love.

You will begin to see your world through new eyes and your life will change before your eyes. There’s peace in every step.

When you make this connection within, so without (as within, so without), your outside world and circumstances change radically.

You will see, respect and want to take care of your physical body at a new level. You will be stimulated creatively and inspired to expand your mind. You will begin to see with new eyes and expanded possibilities.

Trust me, you will still have challenges, but it’s “how” you handle them will change and that changes everything. The mind THINKS, the heart KNOWS. Tap into your essence within your heart and begin to let your life flow out “through” you.

When you tap into that essence it’s like your battery, it’s your personal powerhouse, that inexhaustible “you”. You become your own powerful generator that creates change, NOT a product of your circumstances.
You will no longer feel the need to control or force. Trust me, people will feel your power because it’s authentic and graceful.

When you squeeze an orange what do you get? Orange juice. What emotions are you feeling currently? If it’s fear, anxiety, anger, confusion, despair, worry, resentment, know you have the power to change all of that in an instant, by way of connecting to that bigger part of you, the one who knows the real truth and the way. Then when you get squeezed, you will no longer be “triggered”, instead compassion, understanding and love will flow out

Remember, you cannot take any material wealth or things you’ve accumulated in effort to find security or status with you when you die. The only thing that ever travels with us is our deeds, our actions, our karma, good or bad. What legacy are you leaving and how do you want to be remembered?

Learn to love yourself first and treat yourself with loving kindness, the kind you crave to have outside of yourself and want to bring more of into your life. When you start there, that’s what begins to cultivate self-worth, self-empowerment and your “true” power starts to immerge because you’ve ignited something. It’s like installing a new battery in a flashlight, it’s the positive and negative poles of the battery. When you turn the switch on that generates the power…it’s the “connection”. It works the same way when you connect your intellect and physical body to your energetic spirit essence of you. You will become your own generator because you’ve connected to an infinite power source.

Do you also know your heart creates its own force field? It’s this giant energy torus field you create, so what do you want to be putting out and circulating? This is the thing I’m referring to when I say “so go Encompass Yourself with yourself”. This torus field that we create around ourselves influences what surrounds us.

When you understand and master this “trifecta”, You stop being defensive because you feel safe. You stop being guarded, you become the guardian, you stop being the taker and seeker, the hunter and gatherer for bigger, better, more…you become the giver. You stop being all of those things and things will change because you step into the flow of abundance…things flow “to you” by way of “through you”. Be a seeker of that understanding and your wealth, status, respect and impression of how people view you, as well as your world, will automatically change when you comprehend and live THAT truth.

Finding peace in the Chaos is about making peace with the war that rages within you. Discover your light, embrace it, own it, become it, shine it, encompass yourself with it and share it. Remember, when you know better you do better.

Be well

~Kelly McKinstry